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Olunwa Ikpeazu

Joined Club: 02/14/2020

VP of Education

Jonathan Jean-Francois

Joined Club: 4/1/2018
Joined Toastmasters: 6/1/2017

VP of Membership

Christine Cajuste

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VP of Public Relations

Lisa Stannard

About Me: Residential Real Estate | Commercial Real Estate | Relationship Builder | Public Speaking | Advocate | Toastmasters | Clubhouse | Transformation Table Group

Joined Club: 03/10/2020


Ana Williams

Joined Club: 02/04/2021


Felix Cauldero

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Sgt. at Arms

Rohini Shah

Joined Club: 2/1/2018
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Immediate Past President

Charlotte Friborg

Joined Club: 6/1/2018
Joined Toastmasters: 12/1/2016